Creating a passive income is easier than ever, thanks to the AETHERIUS ecosystem.

AETHERIUS and Baby Aetherius

Aetherius took the crypto space by storm when it went from a 300K market cap to a 100M behemoth in just 11 days.

The success that Aetherius has had is something beautiful and amazing, it is a testimony to how hard work, a solid foundation and an amazing community can undertake a project into something many projects can only dream of.

Inspired by AETHERIUS, a group of developers created a project called Baby Aetherius, conceptualized as a support-oriented derivative of the parent company.

Baby Aetherius is a small cap token, with a BSC verified contract and offers rewards in the form of Aetherius Tokens to its investors as long as they hold shares of Baby Aetherius Token.

The AETHERIUS team decided to acquire baby Aetherius to add it to the ecosystem and thus create more rewards for our investors and holders.


Staking / Pools

The Atherius team loves to keep our holders happy and to show that love we, offering them various options to keep earning passive income using their AETH and Baby Aeth tokens.

In the DAPP section our holders will be able to earn additional income, without the need of locking your tokens. You will have the following three options of Farming:

Earn Baby Aetherius




Hold Baby Aeth

Earn AETH Reflections