Earn passive income and win lots of rewards with AETH


The Reward Tickets and NFT Membership System:

1.Those who lock a minimum of 500k Aetherius tokens have the ability to participate in the Aetherius Rewards staking program

2. Stake Aetherius or Baby Aetherius to earn Aetherius Reward Tickets (in addition to your other staking [then somewhere later explain that you should stake this first and then go to the other pools])

3. Trade in reward
tickets for  Aetherian
Memberships, NFTs, Mining
rig/GPU, Store Discounts and More

How the Staking for Reward Tickets and Tiers of Aetherian Memberships Works:

Aetherius and Baby Aetherius Tokens (also known as the ‘base tokens’) are staked for Aetherius Reward Tickets, which can be used for in-house rewards and bonuses such as:

  • (i) NFT-Based Aetherian Memberships (in tiers of Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Legendary Aetherian. These memberships offer exclusive rewards and access to benefits such as deep discounts on the Aetherius store (including mining rigs), first access to or ability to reserve new items on the store, first access to new staking pools, exclusive staking pools with higher rewards, private AMAs or hangouts with the Aetherius team and friends, and much much more!
  • (ii) Other NFTs outside of and within the Aetherius Ecosystem to be released later e.g.  Partnership with other NFT projects and a series of NFTs/artwork/other pieces to commemorate the advances, pioneering and other important moments of Aetherius (launch, 1st carbon neutral rig, etc.)
  • (iii) Individual Discounts and Coupons for the Aetherius Store which will include exclusive benefits, rewards and discounts on mining rigs, individual mining GPUs, accessory equipment, and other merchandise of “Aetherius: Be Part of the Hash”.

Membership System:

Basic Membership

Basic Membership cost 1000 tickets

2 % off AETH Shop ( Clothing, caps, shoes) mining equipment are no include) 3 % off in any NFTs purchase 

Bronze Membership

Bronze Membership 2,500 tickets

3% off en el AETH Shop (only Clothing, caps, shoes )

 4% off in any NFTs purchase  or  1% off on any GPU brand ( member selection if take the 4% off on NFt or 1% off on any GPU purchase)

Silver Membership

Silver Membership 5k tickets

5% off AETH Shop ( only Clothing, caps, shoes  ) 6% off in any NFTs purchase  

3% off on any GPU brand purchase 

Basic Crypto Courses

Gold Membership

Gold Membership 10k tickets

10% off en el AETH Shop (only Clothing, caps, shoes) + 8% off in any NFTs purchase  5% off on any GPU brand purchase Aeth Casinos access.

Advance Crypto Courses and Basic Crypto Courses

Legendary Membership

Legendary Membership 20k tickets

15% off en el AETH Shop (only Clothing, caps, shoes ) 10% off in any NFTs purchase  +10% off on any GPU brand purchase +5% off Mining Rigs +Aeth Casinos Access

Advance Crypto Courses and Basic Crypto Courses

2 one on one meeting a month

Reward Tickets and Tiers of Aetherian Memberships:

“All memebership rewards and benefits are honoured in good faith”

The reward tickets are BEP20 (complying to the fungible token standard) and memberships are NFTs (BEP 721 standard) and so you can transfer, put them up for sale on marketplaces, or do as you wish with them!

Need Help?


Yes! Both will have separate staking pools to earn the same Aetherius Reward Tickets (but at different rates/APR of course).

Absolutely! We are utilizing a brand new “Layer 2 Staking” mechanism by BlockIsLife Labs – where you can stake your AETH or BABYAETH in your normal staking pool as well as the Aetherius Reward Tickets pool! More staking for all!

 Indeed! This mechanism is still being developed to be automated by the smart contract but the system is modular and comprised of multiple smart contracts so that it can be easily upgraded. Until that time an Aetherius representative will help make the membership upgrade process as seamless as possible.

100%! The Reward TIckets can be transferred like and fungible token you are used to (like Aetherius itself) and the Aetherian Memberships are NFTs – so they can be sold, transferred or even listen on your favourite BSC NFT Marketplace!