Be Part of the Hash

Becoming part of the hash is the perfect way to describe what we think as a company, which our philosophy and our target, is to get as many investors as we can.

Aetherius Token's focus is creating passive income. 15% of the mining profits will be divided between holders. All you have to do is add your tokens to the vault and start earning.

There will be three tiers:

- Tier 1: 3 months and earn 60% APY(30%BUSD/30%AETH)
- Tier 2: 6 months and earn 90% APY(45%BUSD/45%AETH)
- Tier 3: 12 months and earn 120% APY(60%BUSD/60%AETH)

To start earning click the Start Earning button. We are partnering with Pinksale to facilitate this process.

*Rewards will be send the 1st of every month.

How to Lock your Tokens

1- From your wallet browser go to and make sure you are on BSC network.

2- Then select the drop down menu and click on reward.

3- Select start earning.

4- At the top right connect your wallet.

5-Paste Aetherius address on token address.

6- Select the amount you want to lock.

7- Select the date until you want to lock your tokens and make sure to click ok.

8- Approve the transaction and finally lock the tokens.

Trustwallet Lock

Safepal Lock

Metamask Lock